Charming beachfront garden bamboo and nipa-thatch huts each with individual balcony, clothesline, lights, outlet, mosquito net (seldom needed) and a small fan.
                     Your best budget-friendly choice on Cuyo Island                                        14

 STANDARD:   (5 units)      P 700 . . . . . . . Good for 2 people

 FAMILY:   (1 UNIT)      950 . . . . . . . Good for 4 people

  • No additional hidden charges
  • Extra guest mattress available  P150
  • All shared facilities (3 showers and 2 clean restrooms)
There are no ATM/Cash machines on Cuyo. Payment in Philippine Pesos preferred however we can usually accept partial-payment in USD or Euros at the local prevailing exchange rates. We also accept negotiable refund advance reservation payments of 50% to PayPal™ or direct US bank transfer. Inquire first or if using [ AIRBNB.COM ] to book using either of these methods to avoid any possible misunderstandings. There are two Western Union™ outlets in town for international transfers but no foreign-issued credit cards accepted. We currently offer a 10% discount for all fully prepaid bookings of one week or more. Advance reservations for December thru February recommended.