◊  Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, island exploring and nearby kiteboarding*
◊  Beach strolling with lots of shells and spectacular sunsets                  a008-cartoon-crab-clipart_medium
◊  Volleyball, badminton and table games
◊  Intimate fireside beach parties
◊  Music library or your own may be welcome at the restobar 
◊  Wide selection of movies for after dinner entertainment by request
◊  Modest selection of books, magazines and local newspapers
◊  Meet interesting people from all over the world
 A few motorized fishing boats (bangkas) regularly depart from this beach including our own for unique half or all-day excursions to nearby uninhabited islands. Trips normally go fully supplied and always accompanied by experienced 2-man crews with excellent cellphone signal at sea for additional safety. Also two small paddle boats (barotos) for up-close reef viewing and children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Essential snorkels and masks available                                                                                21                                                                                                                                                       ]

 Presently there is no scuba diving within the 45+ islands of the Cuyo Archipelago.   We often meet divers passing-thru and the consensus is there is potential for future development of this sport. If and when it comes, be assured we will be at the forefront of it’s introduction. Popular regional dive sites include CORON and the UNESCO World Heritage site TUBBATAHA REEFS NATURAL MARINE PARK      

   *Ours is not a seasonal kiteboarding beach where instead we maintain a healthy and thriving reef system and coral garden. The secluded location makes it nearly always uncrowded and the best place for swimming and snorkeling on the island. However we often host those discerning kiteboarders looking to expand their experiences beyond the ordinary for a mere fraction of that charged elsewhere for anything similar. By arranging convenient transportation to either of the other two beaches where kiting is located but accomodation and dining options are either boring or overpriced we make it possible to enjoy what some have described as “the best of both worlds” but without the sacrifices. We also undertake equipment repairs of all kinds in our own on-site facility with off-season storage also available for those annually returning enthusiasts.         

Effective Apr ’17 we unfortunately can no longer recommend any services of the cuyo watersports association due to it’s discrimination and lack of professional ethics.