◊  Cozy dining and a variety of hot and cold beverages       
 Hassle-free pier and airport transfers
  Motorbike rentals thru our partners
  Machine and traditional hand laundry service
  Gifts, souvenirs and essentials16
 Ideal for couples and families with children
  Cuyo’s best-equipped repair facility & off-season kite storage
 Professional massage by appointment          
 In-house safe for your valuables
 Peaceful and secure
   Imagine being lulled to sleep by the soothing rhythm of a warm lapping sea accompanied by gentle breezes blowing-thru rustling coconut palms, identical to the legendary tradewinds of the South Pacific Islands . . . awakening to the pleasant sound of exotic birds nesting overhead in lovingly protected hardwood trees some being more than 200 years old, all on a private and secluded tropical beach. Breakfast awaits just steps away in a delightfully intimate open-air dining pavilion where a complete morning menu lets you get your day off to a perfect start. Generous portions of hearty lunches and dinners also served to our guests using only the best quality and freshest, locally sourced ingredients available and all at very reasonable cost. We’re passionate about and justifiably proud of our reputation for always serving the best food on the island. There’s also a small bar with a variety of beverages including imported beer and a selection of fine wines for those special moments with good friends or loved-ones. 6Our guests often depart richly-inspired and wishing if only they could have stayed longer, which to us is really the best compliment there is.                                                                                                                       
CVBR is currently one of the few places on the island still not provided with internet connectivity. We are continually advocating for expansion of existing service which is presently only a short distance away. Speed is often sluggish and prone to disruptions island-wide. We do however have 24/7 power not available everywhere on the island so ask first if this is important to you.
In the event professional medical care is required Cuyo Town has a basic government hospital that can diagnose and treat most common ailments. Services are extremely limited and typically by donation. Only medicines and supplies are charged. There are several private clinics and pharmacies. Minor ailments can often be treated by us onsite. Travel insurance is advisable especially for sports enthusiasts..
With few exceptions we generally do not allow guests the use of our kitchen. However the fire ring with ample wood included is freely available for barbecuing. There is a P100 daily surcharge per cottage-unit for any quantity of outside food or beverages consumed on the premises. This includes the use of our refrigerator or freezerThe only exception would be a complimentary bottle of essential drinking water which we can refill from a nearby sourced well and always keep cold. For special dietary needs please submit your preferences in advanceBe considerate when smoking in the presence of others and always use an ashtray provided. There is a refundable P50 per-person entrance fee payable upon entry regardless of purpose or time spent. This helps fund our local Reef Protection Awareness & Enforcement ProgramFee is waived if staying as a guest or spending a minimum P150 per-person in the public areas.

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