•  Welcome to Coco Verde Beach Resort  •
    We’re glad you found us!  Located on the prettiest undeveloped white-sand beach on the small island of Cuyo in the middle of the Philippines’  North Sulu Sea. Its idyllic setting is highlighted by numerous tropical hardwood trees that perfectly capture the delightful sea breezes. These are home to a variety of native and migratory birds coming to nest and feed from as far away as Japan and Siberia. Swaying coconut palms, a crystal-clear blue sea, an easily accessible coral reef and more are all here waiting for you to enjoy.                      hyw1sxrnigfwhl2kg5qe.png.resize.710x399                    
 Swimming, snorkeling, seasonal kiteboarding, island exploration and just relaxing in a hammock with a good book are just some of the many local pastimes.